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Enemies to Friends

You just have to love Captain America. His integrity, his passion for justice, and his super cool shield. I have my own Captain America Shield, as a matter of fact. Okay, it’s not made of a Vibranium-Adamantium alloy, but if use my imagination, I can break any enemy with one “Frisbee fling” of my shield. Pow! Captain America’s shield is one powerful weapon and no matter what an alien, mutant monster, or run of the mill bad guy flings at Captain America, his shield can deflect it and keep him from harm. That shield has the power to defeat an enemy; but, like all weapons designed to render an enemy powerless, it cannot do the one thing that would end the cause of fighting in the first place. It cannot change an enemy into a friend.

Saul of Tarsus was an enemy of Jesus. Sally Lloyd-Jones says in her beloved book, The Jesus Story Bible, “He didn’t believe Jesus was the Rescuer. And he didn’t believe that Jesus was alive, either. You see, Saul had never met Jesus. So one day, Jesus met Saul.” Saul had no idea what or who hit him that day. Jesus had to literally stop Saul in his tracks. Taking away his sight was the best way to get his undivided attention. Saul heard a voice call out his name and in response cried out, “Who are you, Lord?” For three days Jesus met with Saul and told him everything about who He was, what He did for Saul, and what Saul’s destiny was. And then, like He did with Peter, James and John, Matthew, Zacchaeus, and so many others, He invited Saul to follow Him, to fish for men, and to make disciples. Meanwhile, Ananias was sent to Straight Street, to the place where Saul was staying in Damascus, to lay hands on Saul and confirm Jesus’ call on Saul’s life, to commission him for service, and to be the first to witness how the power of God’s love transforms an enemy into a friend. This school year our dancers are learning that the first step in following Jesus is to ask Him the same question Saul did, “Who are You, Lord?” As we meet with Him, He will tell us, through His Word, who He is, what He has done for us, and what our destiny is. I encourage you to walk with your child along the road we are taking. To sit together and open God’s Book and let Jesus meet with you and your family. Start with the story found in Acts Chapter 9 and talk about how God’s love changed you from an enemy to a friend of God. Your children know a dance to this song, listen and dance along with them.

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