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  • Jeannine Lacquement

Speaking Life over Syria

This Advent season, we are reminded of the prophet Isaiah’s words about a baby who would be born to a virgin. This child was the promised one who would bring light to a people living in darkness. He would be known as the Prince of Peace because He would make a way for God’s enemies to become His friends. It was Yeshua, the God who saves, the word of God made flesh, God Himself wrapped in baby skin, found lying in a manger. Our Savior, born in the Middle Eastern town of Bethlehem, nurtured by Middle Eastern parents, and raised within a Middle Eastern culture, would be known, first to the Hebrews and then to the world, as the Prince of Peace.

This month, in the midst of preparing for our Christmas outreaches, our dancers are praying for the people of Syria, a people living in darkness. We are praying against the forces of evil that are at work there. We are praying, like six-year-old Bethany prayed that “three ISIS people would believe in Jesus and tell other ISIS people, and they would all follow Jesus and not hurt any more people."

This is the season when an angel told a young Hebrew girl, just a few years older than Bethany, that nothing was impossible with God. This is the season when angels sang of the birth of a Savior and peace on earth. Would you join us as we pray for Bethany’s prophetic prayer to be fulfilled: that our Savior would meet with three ISIS people on the road to Damascus, just as He did with Saul, and set them free from the lies they believe and the evil that enslaves them? Would you gather your family together and pray throughout this season for them to believe in Jesus and become His friend, just as Saul did? Would you remember the refugees, desperate to find a safe place to hide from the violence and fear they have suffered through for too long? The Prince of Peace is calling us to speak life over Syria and to pray, believing that nothing is impossible with Him.

The Syrian Circle ( is a great resource for you and your kids to learn how to join others in praying for Syria.

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