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  • Jeannine Lacquement

Believing in the Power of the Blood of Jesus (Part 2)

Using the soundtrack from the movie The Prince of Egypt, we danced through the story of Moses, and ultimately the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery to freedom and into birth as God’s chosen people. I used cloth and other props to bring the story to life as the dancers entered into the story.

Family Time

The movie, The Prince of Egypt, is an extraordinary telling of the Deliverance of the Israelites by the all-powerful work of the One True Living God.

The sound track to the movie is spectacular and worth having in your mp3 library. Watch a little of the movie or listen to one song each night as a part of your family devotion time and talk about how each part of the story is a foreshadow of how Jesus delivers your family and all mankind from slavery to sin and death.

Here’s an oldie but super clear expression of what it means to be under the blood of Jesus.

Under the Blood by Marty Nystrom.

Rock on together with the song There is Power in the Blood by Selah

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