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Giving Thanks

My final post for this year comes from our COTLD 5th and 6th grade dancers and our student teachers.

I asked the dancers what being a Christian means to them. Here is what some of them told me.

“I believe that being a Christians means that we believe that Jesus is our savior and so much more. Also He is the only true way to Heaven. The last thing I believe in is that He died on the cross for us and He is the only person in the world that can cleans our sins.” - Ethan

“A Christian is someone that loves God, believes in Jesus Christ, the only way to salvation. Christians confess that they are sinners; they do not deserve God’s mercy and grace. Through their new life in Jesus Christ, they can love others and care for others.” - April

“I believe that a being a Christian means that we are a forgiven people. We are blessed to worship Jesus because He sacrificed His life for all of us. We learn to share the love of God and forgive others.” – Carolyn

“I believe in Jesus. He is my constant friend. I can rely on and confide in Him. He is always at my side to give me courage and peace in hard times. Jesus helps me fight and win battles against my fears and the lies I hear about myself. Jesus helps me do hard things I never thought I could do before. I will make mistakes, but I know He will always love me.“- Zoe

“Being a Christian is being a 'Christ imitator'. You understand that you are wholly dependent on God. Every breath you breathe depends on God. It means that God is your friend. A Friend you can say anything to.“ - Yilin

“ I think that a Christian is a follower of Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus set an example of what He wants for us in this life. I think I would call it being 'molded by Jesus'. I would like to follow His example.”

- Kayleigh

“Being a Christian means to trust in the Lord no matter what. It means that you depend on God everyday.“- Joseph

“Being a Christian means to trust in the Lord no matter what. It means that you depend on God everyday." - Joseph“Being a Christian means that I have a special family that loves me and helps me to know God in a joyfully deeper way. It is a joy that I would otherwise not know until eternity. That joy comes from Heaven and as it fills me, it will spill over into the hearts of other people God puts in my life." - (Paraphrased from Emma and Laura)

“Being a Christian means that my identity is found in my connection with God. Because of that I can overflow with the love of God to others and help them seek and find Him. Being a Christian means being a joy giver.“- Rayna

“I am a Christian, and I believe that Jesus loves me and died for me and I can show that same love to others so they can experience God’s love. I believe that God made everything in this world, and that I have the breath of God in me. I believe in the power of Jesus’ name. I am willing to give God glory and praise from my heart."

- (Dancer’s name unknown)

“To me being a Christian means I can show God’s love to other people." - Evie

"To be a Christian means forgiveness and eternal joy that can only be given through a perfect, spotless, sacrifice -the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. To be a Christian means a loving relationship between you, God, and others… To me, being a Christian means having a hope that overcomes all trials, and hardships our sinful world might bring. It means having an undying flame burning for Christ." - Lydia

“Being a Christian means I just don’t BELIEVE but I BRING JOY and TELL others about Jesus.“- Katherine

"I am a follower of Jesus… I have the power to love others in a very radical, selfless way… My heart and mind are changed and I no longer love to sin… I spend time with God and want to be close to Him… I stop judging people, but respond to them with compassion… I go to God for strength and wisdom… I speak well of people… I love others without needing their love… I believe in the power of prayer and use it to bring God into the situations of my life and the lives of others… I believe there is eternal life after death. A person can choose to live their life in the love of God now and in Heaven or exist in the pain of separation from God forever… I am given the ability to rely on God for everything… God is first, others are second, and I am third." - The Teachers

Parents, be encouraged that you have taught your children to know what it means to follow Christ. Continue, then, to help them put what they know into action, and that knowledge will grow into faith that can move mountains, and that faith will grow into trust in God that, when witnessed by others, will lead those others to Christ.

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