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  • Jeannine Lacquement

You BELIEVE in God, but do you TRUST Him?

Last year's Bible Break time focused on answering the question “What does being a Christian mean?” We spent many weeks learning about what we, as believers of Jesus, believe.

This year we’re going to look at what it means to have faith in God. FAITH requires not only that we BELIEVE in a God who is good, merciful, and all-powerful, it also requires that we TRUST in Him. Just as a husband and wife make promises to each other that will keep their union strong and enduring, God makes promises to us when we accept His invitation to shed our old selfish nature and enter into a new life with Him.

FAITH requires that we not only BELIEVE with our mind that God will keep His promises to us, but we must also TRUST this in our hearts. FAITH expresses itself with action. It demonstrates the certainty we have in God’s love for us despite all odds.

To illustrate this I told a pretend story about a girl who stops trusting her friend’s promises. Then I demonstrated a “trust fall” into the arms of one of our student teachers. Before I fell backwards, I told the dancers that I believed my catcher was standing behind me. I believed that he was a good person and wouldn’t let me fall and hurt myself. I believed all of this but I still wasn't sure if I could trust him. I asked the dancers, “Should I trust my catcher? How do you know I can trust him? Have you ever trusted him? Have you ever seen him catch other people before?” I knew that the only way I could demonstrate that I trusted him to catch me was to put my faith in motion, let go, and fall backwards into his arms.

Family Time

The trust fall is a great activity to do as a family. Here’s a link with its description for a group, just adapt it to fit your family. You can also do the activity one on one with each of your kids and your spouse.

Family Worship Time


Here’s the link a wonderful song you can use for worship time with your family.

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