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Our classes offer connection with fellow believers, developmentally appropriate dance education and movement. In our weekly meetings we spend dedicated time using our gifts and dance technique to worship God. We believe firmly in the directives of the psalms that implore "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!" - Psalm 150:6. We pray that the Lord will encourage us all to draw nearer to Him, experiencing His presence, and equipping ourselves with His spirit. Nothing we do as a ministry can flourish without this primary connection to God and His word.

Our older students also spend time in the Bible inside and outside of class. Occasionally they will have assignments that require them to investigate or apply God's Word in their lives. These acts of discipleship are designed to deepen our children in the knowledge and love of God.

Our classes are held on Tuesday and Fridays. 



Tuesday Classes - Truro Anglican Church - 10520 Main St, Fairfax, VA 22030

Friday Classes - Providence Presbyterian Church - 9019 Little River Tpke, Fairfax, VA 2203

Session 2 Dates:

Tuesday Classes - 2/6 to 6/9

Friday Classes (Rejoice, Hosanna, Praise, Adoration) - 2/2 to 6/9

Friday Classes (City on a Hill & Glorify) - 1/24 to 6/9

Session 2 Tuition:

Elementary Classes (Rejoice, Jubilee, Hosanna, Praise, Hallelujah, Adoration) - $208

Middle & High School Classes 

Exaltation - $274

City on a Hill & Glorify - $480

Multi-child (2 or more students) family discount - Pay full tuition for the first child and 10% off each additional child's tuition.

Tuition Assistance - We do not want affordability to stand in the way of a child's participation in this ministry. Scholarships are available - please email Jeannine Lacquement at to inquire.

 Tuesday Classes

Friday Classes

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